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The Importance of Resistance Training for Dogs

Resistance training for dogs is a form of strength training wherein effort is executed against an opposing force generated by resistance. For instance, in humans, weight lifting is a form of resistance training as the weight of the dumbbell is the force being divergent to by the movement of a meticulous body part. The force generated is trickier and thus increases the power building of that muscle or groups of muscles.

Resistance Training for Dogs

Gravity can also be an opposing force so jogging uphill is a form of resistance training.

The goal of resistance training with Service dog weight vest is to gradually and increasingly overload the musculoskeletal system so it gets stronger (American Sports Medicine Institute). If we persist to do the same thing with our dogs, even those that are doing some sort of fitness program, they will continue at a status quo and won’t perk up and/or get stronger and thus in improved shape.

Resistance training arouses muscle growth as well as increases bone density along with strengthens connective tissues such as tendons that can assist prevent injuries. It will augment metabolic rate, burn more calories, augment performance and help diminish or prevent joint pain, arthritis and other provocative conditions.

Working and sport dogs require to continue to build potency not only to help build muscle which in turn will aid them with jumps, weaves, quick turns, better form but also will increase stamina for superior speed and performance.

Conformation dogs can also advantage from a fitness program. The superior shape a conformation dog is in, the better they will look as well as feel to a judge in the ring.

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